Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food waste --------> Bioplastic pellet

"....willingness to change, to try new things and ways in all aspects of life for betterment, prosperity, peace and sustainability through creative solution...." 
- Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang

During the class with Dr. Siri Roland Xavier we learned to come out with the NABC analysis whenever we want to propose any new innovative ideas. My SS group came out with this superb ideas of "Bioplastic pellet".  

 Amount of solid waste generated in Peninsular Malaysia has increased from 17,000 tonnes per day in 2002 to 19,100 in 2005 and expected to be 30,000 tonnes in 2020 reported by the solid waste management in 2009. 
Food waste generally comprises about 45% of the total and this lead to big headache - environment problem in Malaysia.

So, there is a need to help in reducing the total waste in Malaysia where our Bioplastic pellet will be made primarily from food waste. The process is as follow :-

Food waste undergo fermentation  ---> Lactic acid processed by bacteria 
---> Degradation of bacteria to get the bioplastic polymer ---> Bioplastic pellet

Another point of this pellet is to enhance the awareness and to increase the usage of biodegradable plastic.

He also taught us on the [ - important or interesting - ] ideas. Overall, we concluded that our idea is IMPORTANT as it helps in reducing the food waste in Malaysia and encouraged the usage of biodegradable plastic among Malaysians. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

communication module - conclude

1. The art of public speaking
2. Conducting an effective meeting
3. Powerful presentation skill
4. Mock interview
5. Communication for leaders
6. The art of negotiation skill
7. Grooming
8. NLP
9. Business proposal
10. Final presentation

all these were the programmes held for us in BeST for the whole last month. Earlier, it was tough for me but towards the end of it I realized the changes in me. I did enjoy all the days, learn more and practice more. For reward, I gained lot more courage and confidence. Either in voicing out my ideas or even in acting. Definitely there were others who seemed to be very best compared to me but it's okay. It gives me the spirit to learn and learn. 
For public speaking, I learned on how to overcome my nervous while I'm standing in front of my friends. Still, during my final presentation everything was fine at the beginning but slowly I became nervous as everyone were looking at me. oh, I really need lot and lot of practice. As for the final, my group proposed on "The production of biodegradable plastic from food waste". It was a so-so presentation for me because all of us did not have enough time to do the proposal. I really hope that for the next module's final presentation all of us can get enough time to discuss. Overall, I think that all of us really did our best. Given in a short period of time, everyone still can come out with brilliant ideas and the most that I can't think of is the Bioself's proposal, "making out bioplastic from feather", awesome!

Can't wait for this new module, but for last week's briefing, I loved it!!!! happy new year 2011 ^_^

Sunday, December 19, 2010


T = to be done
A = at any cost
S = simple
K = knowledge-based

task to be done at any cost, have to be simple and knowledge-based ::

which is

:: script on women entrepreneurs for public speaking scheduled on Tuesday <nervous mode>

as this task done, I can go back to SP in peace,,yeay~~

anyway, speaking of public speaking this Tuesday I decided on giving a review on a paper done by a UM lecturer entitled: Conversations with Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs: Cultivating Innovation Through Female Leadership

I found that her thesis was interesting and easy to understand whereby I will focus on the leadership styles among these women entrepreneurs :: the "mother", the "boss", the "teacher" and the "chameleon"

got to practice all the advices from Mr. Hisham Karim, Miss Nani, Mr. Abdullah Yunos and Madam Rusilawati, insyaAllah..